Friday, August 31, 2012

Before You Know It, You're Walkin' On Air!

The first Disney film to traumatize an entire generation with parental abandonment issues is 70 this year.

Now, I haven't seen Bambi from beginning to end in a long time. So, normally, this thing would go into the post about why I wasn't giving it its own review.

But I had to give it its own post. It's not one of my favorites now, but I dug it as a kid. While most kinds were into Thumper, my fave was always Flower.

I still don't remember how it ends.

But I do have this one childhood memory, which is why this film still gets its own post.

One of, if not the very first film monologue I learned by heart is Friend Owl's infamous "Twitterpated" speech:

Now, before I watched this vid to see if it was the right one to upload, I had forgotten the speech. Watching it, however, I was always a word ahead. Which means that it never truly left my brain. This is a big part of the childhood, right here.

He can call me a flower if he wants to...I don't mind.


  1. TBH Bambi's mom's death didn't make me cry. I never had a fear of losing my parents as a kid for whatever reason. I knew it wasn't real. Plus it doesn't help that after the great prince says "Your mother is no longer with you" and they walk off it FADES TO BLACK AND THEN SHIFTS TO A BUNCH OF CHEERFUL ANIMALS SINGING ABOUT SPRING. That's hilariously jarring. And then the grumpy owl hooting at them to shut up always makes me laugh.

    I also have this headcanon of a Human!Bambi as being a little African American boy with cerebral palsy. I mean, I know his walking issues moreso stem from him being just a little fawn, but I can see him as having a bit of CP. Why are human versions of animal characters portrayed as being handsome, bishie, skinny white people?

  2. Yeah, what do you think of the headcanon? Is it too out of left field?