Monday, August 27, 2012

MM: Dream Eaters

So as I finally put KH3D down for a while, I wanted to briefly talk more about the Dream Eater system.

Really, I just wanted to reiterate how awesome it is for a pokénut like me. Having the passive abilities be intrinsically tied into it is all the more engaging. And I love playing with them all (and painting them all Sky Blue).

Now, the AR cards that came with the game gave me a Sudo Neku and an R&R Seal. These guys worked the best for me as starting team fillers, but I've been told other cards are granted with different versions of the game. I also haven't been able to get anything out of the third card nor have I been able to test non-KH cards with it. The 3DS is still very much of a mystery to me.

But who do I use in my final teams?

Well, for Sora, I've settled on Cera Terror, Sudo Neku, and Ryu Dragon (Meow-Wow was ousted the second I learned Curaga). I like their looks and attack styles a lot. There is (and with Riku's team as well) a bit of a lack of status blocks, but seeing that team fight by my side is worth it. Besides, at least all the really important abilities are there.

Riku was a bit tougher. I loved the Komory Bat from the outset, and he's still a solid member (even bearing the "best friend" award in the Game Complete screen). Originally, my second was going to stick with Tyranto Rex, but I found just too many ability redundancies overall (with Sora's team being half fire-types as well), so in the end I switched him with Skelterwild. On the last slot, I've been going with Keeba Tiger for looks and attack style, though he's also a little redundant so I keep a sharp eye out for possible replacements.

And there's really not much more to say on this subject. There will probably be a more Poké-centric entry next week.

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