Monday, August 13, 2012

MM+: Just call me Ramsoomair...

You know, there's a webcomic I'm quite fond of called VG Cats. And it's spin-off, Super Effective. The only problem I have is that it often goes into a horrific schedule slip. We'll have weekly comics for about a month and then three months of nothing.

I'm starting to sympathize with its creator, Scott Ramsoomair.

This past week has given me so little computer time to myself that it's been ridiculous. I missed WoW Wednesday even with my entry pre-written and already on Deviant Art.

With my work schedule returning to normal this week, I should (operative word should) be back on track by Wednesday. I'll have that missing article for you. Plus, by next Monday, I should also have all my new Skylanders tested out and ranked.

In the meantime, I can tell you a Poké-related story. My friend needed me to replace the battery for her Crystal version since I shared my success with Silver. Since I needed her to get me the other two Jhoto starters, we had an accord. Taking the screw out was much easier this time around, but loosing the battery from its connectors was not. I actually sliced my thumb open when the precision screwdriver slipped and the circuitboard went flying, nearly destroying it. However, in the end it still worked with flying colors and we were able to trade the day away (well, as best I could with a damaged thumb).

We also used that time to trade fifth generation so I could restart Black. You know, not being able to trade until the first gym is cleared was a pain in the ass, and I really didn't appreciate having to forgo my usual training method. But, I had to for the sake of time. At least I can go back and train the rest of my party with the trainers I missed.

Also This Week: Reviews of Brave and The Campaign as well as the anniversary of Pink Floyd: The Wall (The Film).

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