Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free To Play Far Far Away?

So..."The Old Republic" is going free to play in the fall.

Guess you should've had a bigger helmet when fighting the WoWbeast.

I've of two minds about this.

The first thought in my mind is "Yay! I get to play again!"

The second is "Wait a minute, they'll likely gut the F2P option and I won't have access to all my characters."

Right now Bioware is being maddeningly hush-hush on just what they'll take away from the F2Pers and how many "Cartel Coins" it'll take to get some of it back. Most certainly I'll have to re-unlock most of my alts and get the new Cathaur race. Bogus.

I'm actually disappointed in all of this. Sure, WoW was, is, and always will be king, but ToR seemed like it would be a pretty decent prince. And while it lagged far too much for my taste, it still does PvE story better than any MMO. I just hope they get enough cash to keep up that quality for years to come.

In the meantime, though, I can't wait to take my Sith Inquisitor, Binx, out for another spin.

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