Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clone Wars Episode 5.15: Shades of Reason

Pre Vizsla will never be the head of a major corporation.

MAJOR Spoilers a head

Yes that "typo" was on purpose.

After wrestling control of Mandalore through trickery, Deathwatch betrays Darth Maul, drawing the Sith's ire.

All right, there's really no point in talking about anything else other than the outcome of Pre Viszla and Darth Maul's single combat for rule of Mandalore. Holy crap on a cracker I was not expecting that. I have to admit that I was kind of rooting for Maul in that fight, because I wanted to see a I-III design beat the crap out of a IV-VI design (with the Mandalorians representing the Fetts). But to have Maul end the fight by decapitating a wounded Vizsla, effectively executing him, I was taken aback.

My mind went two places here.

On one hand, this is totally in character for Maul and the Sith in general, both in general cruelty and the desire to tie up loose ends. On the other, it really is kind of over-the-top for most kids shows and I wonder if it was really the best thing. Star Wars has never really pulled its punches in the dismemberment department, point of fact it's kind of a running gag. But a head is very different than a limb. It's treading dangerously close to the line that Star Wars has wisely thusfar refused to cross, despite misguided "fans" aching for it. But perhaps I'm worrying too much about it. [[EDIT: I am the biggest idiot in the world for forgetting that Count Dooku, Jango Fett, and dozens of extras have in fact been beheaded with extreme prejudice in the Saga proper. This still feels different to me somehow, but I can't say Star Wars hasn't gone there over and over again.]]

All in all it was a very exciting episode, and really highlights the true weakness of the Sith. Even though Maul was betrayed, he was casually planning on doing the same thing himself. He was just beaten to the punch.

Also, obvious Moulin Rouge reference is obvious and I'd say more except I was already spoiled in that there was a previous episode(s?) featuring Satine. I kind of wish I had found that out on my own by seeing the episode(s?).

I'm kind of hoping we're leading up to the teaser in the Season 5 trailer where Sidious takes matters into his own electrified hands...


  1. //But a head is very different than a limb. It's treading dangerously close to the line that Star Wars has wisely thusfar refused to cross//

    What about when Anakin decapitates Dooku?

    1. You are absolutely right. How could I forget about that?

      I have to dole out some Dobby-level self-punishment for that one.

      Although, Anakin decapitating Dooku was A) in a PG-13 flick, and B) supposed to be disturbing. I don't get the feeling Viszla was supposed to be, and that's what disturbed me.

      Either way, off to iron my hands for forgetting Dooku.

    2. I actually think you're right, though, in that beheading is a bit too dark for Star War's usual aesthetic. It works for Dooku for the reasons you point out, but I always felt it was crossing the line a bit in Ep. II.

  2. PV's not even the first Mandalorian that's been beheaded on-screen in Star Wars---lest we forget Jango Fett... ;)