Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Anniversaries!

January is kind of sparse this year, but we have a couple of good ones.

Charlotte's Web (Animated Film)
40 Years Old This Month
My definitive Charlotte's Web experience will always be this one. I loved this movie as a kid, though I haven't seen it in a long time. It always made me tear up a little. I was always drawn to Templeton the Rat more than most of the other characters (played beautifully by Paul Lynde).

70 Years Old This Month
Any time anyone does a Humphrey Bogart impression, it will most likely be from this movie. It also features one of the most often misquoted lines in cinema history (at no point were the words "Play it again, Sam" used in that order"). It's one of those ubiquitous films of old Hollywood, a title casually thrown around by stuffed-shirts talking about golden ages and top film lists. Shoving all that aside, however, it also happens to be a pretty decent flick. I really want to see it again to catch some of the things I missed the first time. It deserves to be talked about and referenced as much as it is.

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