Monday, January 7, 2013

MM: Skylanders update/Clone Wars update

Okay, so a couple of things.

First, being Monday I'm doing a pseudo-Mons-Day post regarding my Skylanders grades. I've recently decided to retire the O.W.L. system of grading the 3DS version and will post some revised stats alongside the console stats (which I'm researching on places like IGN and DarkSpyro). I'll also be taking some pictures to go along with these figurine reviews, so I should have the first batch up week?

Secondly, a Clone Wars update. So far, has failed to post the full episode of the returning season that aired on Saturday, so my review of that may take a little longer. Hopefully not too long, though. From my understanding, this is either the 100th episode or the 100th episode is nigh, so I'll have more details on that front soon*

*"soon" is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment and is appears here under fair use.

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