Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Announcing Geekdom Madness!

I hate organized sports, but I love tournament brackets.

So seeing as how the official Star Wars website is doing its This is Madness thing again (much better than last year because Watto), it made me want to do my own Character tournement. But rather than limit it to Star Wars (though it will be represented), I'm doing a spattering of some of the more popular (or not) fictional characters in geekdom!

Here's how it'll work. Every Sunday, I will put up a post and a poll. Polls will be located to the side of the post list on the web version of the blog (if you're using a mobile device, click "view web version"). Polls will go until Friday, and Saturday I will post the winner and the updated brackets. There will be one match-up per week, so this thing is going to take a while.

Here's the breakdown. It's not fancy, but it gives you the idea:

Click for Larger View

Most of my personal favorite characters have obviously made the list, alongside some other popular picks. I look forward to seeing who YOU guys pick.

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