Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Clone Wars Season 6: Clovis

...Mommy and Daddy are fighting....

Spoilers Ahead

It bears reminding that I still haven't seen 99% of Seasons 1-3, so the only reason I knew who Clovis was going into this was because this arc had been slated for Season 5 but pushed back, and there was some...concern in my circles regarding this because it was supposedly going to give Ani/mé some much-needed screentime.

Unfortunately....well, I don't want to say that Anakin was out of character necessarily, since of course he would be that jealous. But a Force Choke? Even for a split second, it feels a bit much. Also, whatever Anakin's faults, he's not the kind of chauvinist that would "demand" anything of his wife by virtue of just them being married.

Aside from this, I was in a bit of confusion regarding the Banking Clan, since I was under the impression that, like the Trade Federation, they were 100% Seperatist. Plus, they gave the Muuns too much of a nose - they ended up looking like a cross between Chevy Chase and Squidward, which was supremely distracting on a number of levels. As was the name of the planet Scipio, or as they pronounced it on the show: "Skippy-O!"

At the end of the day, though, this is just nitpicking. While this is definitely not me favorite set of episodes, it had some well-written, well-acted, and well-animated moments. I actually pitied Clovis by the end. Plus, it was the last recording of Ian Abercrombie as Palpatine, who while no Ian McDiarmid did a very good job.with the role. As much as I love Tim Curry, his Palpatine sounds exactly like...Tim Curry.

And yeah, Filoni's pet Embo was unecessary but cool as usual.

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