Sunday, May 18, 2014

Geekdom Madness: Distinguished Competitors

This week's match-up pits the purrr-fect catburgler against the abyss that gazes back.

Let's meet the combatants:


How Selina Kyle became a burglar in the first place is a series of tangled and often very conflicting reports. Her motives are equally unclear; sometimes she seems to want revenge against someone or something, other times she seems to be seeking a thrill or some kind of personal gain. In either case, the Catwoman loves what she does, especially when it brings her into contact with the tall, dark, and mysterious Batman. If only he wasn't such a stickler for that whole law-and-order thing...

* Is extremely agile and skilled in combat.
* Is very proficient with a whip.
* Occasionally exhibits an altruistic streak

* Is an unrepentant thief.
* Is as fickle and unpredictable as the animal she associates with
* Indirectly responsible for the proliferation of skintight vinyl fetishes.


In an alternate timeline where the existence of masked vigilantes has irrevocably changed history, Walter Kovacs was already dealing with a number of childhood issues when he read a news story about a woman who was savagely murdered near an apartment complex where none of the tenants lifted a finger to help in spite of being in earshot of her screams. Fashioning a mask out of an experimental plastic that created ever-shifting patterns, he became the masked vigilante Rorschach. The more horrors he witnessed, however, the more extreme his methods became - and all the more unstable. To the point that when one of his former colleagues is found murdered, nobody believes his instincts of a conspiracy until it's too late...

* Is a tenacious, clever, and resourceful crime-fighter.
* For a spindly - and fugly - little man, he has great strength and durability.
* Let's face it, that mask is cool.

* Is a right-wing objectivist nutball.
* Is often just a cold, ruthless, and sociopathic as the monsters he brings to "justice"
* When not in costume, lives pretty much as a hobo and has little care for personal hygiene.

Final Thoughts
While neither would be in this competition if they weren't amongst my favorite fictional characters, they're both amongst my least-favorite favorite characters...if that makes any sense. I'm just not the biggest DC fan except in certain specific cases. Catwoman is one of the "Big Four" bat-villains, and Watchmen is considered one of the groundbreaking graphic novels, so do what you will with this.

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