Sunday, May 4, 2014

Geekdom Madness: A Marvellous Match

This week's match-up features the Merc with the Mouth vs. the Emerald Elf. Excelsior!

Let's meet the combatants:


Billionaire industrialist Norman Osborn was working on a super-strength serum one night when the concoction exploded in his face, granting him the strength but removing all inhibitions to his lust for power. Originally using his tech and costumed persona to take over the New York underworld, The Green Goblin switched his focus to utterly destroying Spider-Man's life after the wall-crawler poked his nose into Gobby's affairs once too often.

* Super-strength.
* Accelerated healing factor.
* Very intelligent; not only a world-class scientific mind, but a shrewd businessman.

* Is a murderer, a thief, and a chauvinist.
* His insanity makes him unpredictable and extremely dangerous.
* Is obsessed with power and does not suffer those he deems weak, which oftentimes includes his own son.


Wade Wilson was a mercenary who contracted brain cancer, and was recruited by the Canadian government's Weapon X program. As an experiment, the scientists injected him with a modified healing gene extracted from one of the other members, the mutant Logan (a.k.a. Wolverine). The process horribly scarred Wade's body, and his brain continually deteriorates and reconstitutes. The practical upshot of this being that Wade, codename Deadpool, is now fully aware he is a comic book character in a comic book universe.

* Healing factor makes him nigh immortal.
* Is an incredibly skilled fighter.
* He sees all of you, and will like you more if you vote for him.

* Whether he is a hero or villain depends on his ever-changing mood, and his mercenary status means he has no compunctions against killing.
* He's starting to become overexposed, like Wolverine before him.
* The bastard hates Episodes I-III.

Final Thoughts
So...both our choices here are major sociopaths, except one is heroic...sometimes...when he feels like it...or if the money is better. Say what you will about Norman; he's a horrible human being but at least he's consistent. Except for the whole amnesia thing during the Silver age...geez, comics are weird. You know what, it's a classic character versus a newer character. Play it that way.

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