Sunday, May 11, 2014

Geekdom Madness: That's All, Folks!

This week's match-up: Duck Season or Squirrel Season?

Let's meet the combatants:


One knows not from whence he came, for he is Daffy. When he shows up, chaos usually follows. Daffy cares primarily about Daffy, though he is not evil and rarely means others harm unless they pose a threat to him or his perceived chances of monetary advancement.

* Once set on a goal, he's completely dedicated to it.
* His loony unpredictability can conquer most foes.
* Capable of withstanding great punishment (though he doesn't enjoy it).

* His intense greed and desire for attention can cause major backfires.
* Has a cowardly streak that may cause him to turn on his allies.
* Ineffective against Rabbits.


One of the most violent animated actresses in Hollywood history, Slappy is now a retired octogenarian who is raising her nephew Skippy in a tree in California. Despite this, she still has to deal with great annoyances including her old "co-stars" (a.k.a. villains), but she still handles everything with aplomb (and sometimes a bomb).

* Old enough to know every trick in the book.
* Often heavily armed with explosives.
* Is a caring guardian for her nephew.

* Being retired, she often has to deal with her age.
* Is naturally cranky and often complains.
* Is an unsafe driver.

Final Thoughts
Both are classic Warner Brothers characters that are absolutely hilarious. While Daffy is more well-known, Slappy has a slight advantage being one of the few female characters in the running. Of course, there will be a couple more of those in the coming weeks...

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  1. Ah, but are we talking pre or post-war Daffy? The guy's probably had the oddest shift in personalities in all the Loony Tunes characters.

    Either way, though, Daffy for the win. If only because Slappy never had anything like Duck Amuck to her name (my goodness is that short good).

    1. It's probably my all time favorite cartoon short.

    2. One Froggy Evening is mine- it's one of those things that, no matter what mood I'm in, can always bring a smile to my face. Such a treasure.