Monday, November 19, 2012

Clone Wars 5.08: Bound for Rescue

Isn't joining the Jedi order already like running away to join the circus?

Spoilers ahead

Obi-Wan Kenobi tells the younglings to sit tight while he rushes to save them and Ahsoka. However, his fleet is waylaid by General Grievous' forces, leaving the younglings to stage a rescue mission of their own.

I'm still really liking where this is going, but I still don't know where it'll end up from here. The space battle bits call to mind the Battle of Coruscant, though it does highlight another issue I have with the show: The main heroes and the main villains interact too frequently for their meetings in the films proper to retain much of their effect. Still, I love Grievous so it's always nice seeing him.

That's just the B-story. The A-story has the younglings join a carnival in order to sneak into Hondo's base and rescue Ahsoka. Are you ready for the most nipicky, uber-fanboyish criticism I have ever levied?

The Dug's legs are too long.

I can't believe this is my criticism, but...Dugs are my favorite species in Star Wars, and the carnival ringleader is a Dug named Priego. It's not the fact that instead of the face tendrils he has a cartoonishly giant handlebar moustache that bothers me, I LOVE that. It's the fact that, physiologically, his legs (that Dugs use as hands) are as long or longer than his arms when they should be far shorter, and that just doesn't look right at all. Whatever, I definitely don't stay with the show for the character design. The pros far outweigh the cons.

The breakout bit is funny, with Hondo getting in on the act and having Ahsoka freed on him in the process. And here is a moment that re-cements my love for Hondo. When he loses his mealticket, he's not angry and foaming at the mouth, he's just mildly depressed like he spilt his ice cream. I love that.

But the game's no over yet. Remember, the ship is still damaged and Grievous is still on the loose, so who know what will happen mext week?

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