Monday, November 5, 2012

MM: Skylanders Giants First Impression

Well, I did not expect to get this one, but...Skylanders Giants!

Thank Toys R' Us for having a Blue Wii that my wife wanted come complete with Skylanders Giants. I also got a slew of new characters through various promotions TRU was doing at the same time. I'll give you the 3DS grades on the compatible new guys next week.

In the meantime, I've been playing the Wii version of Giants breifly. And...I do love it, but not as much as the 3DS.

It does exceed the 3DS in a number of ways, such as a more engaging story (wish I had played the first one for console, though. Oh well) and better character upgrades. Sadly, the console version will not let you jump, which is a major bummer. I probably won't grade for the console. It's much more of a puzzle game, with collecting keys and pushing blocks and whatnot.

Still, it's fun. And I can't wait to play more. And see more of Zim (I'm sorry, "Kaos". But, c'mon. It's Richard Horvitz doing Zim again).

For the sake of full disclosure, here are the additional figures I got.

1.-2. Ghost Roaster and Slam Bam, since TRU was doing a "buy one get one 40%" and I still needed the extra level packs they come with. You'll be seeing 3DS grades next week

3.-5. The Wii comes with the Giant figure Gnarly Tree Rex (a blue variant of the basic starter Giant), Jet-Vac (a new character), and Series 2 Cynder (a new sculpt of a previous character, that I can actually use in the first games so you'll see a grade of her next week)

6. With a purchase of over $100 (which the Wii was) you get, absolutely free while supplies last, a castle carrying case containing none other than the rare Wham-Shell. Since he's an original, you'll probably see his score next week.

See you next week, Portal Masters!

UPDATE: Hmmm, "Skystones"? What's that, a minigame? Let's just try this out he-OH GOD NO IT'S TETRA MASTER!!!!!!!!!

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