Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WW: Mists of Pandaria

Well, this has been a long time coming. My review of Mists of Pandaria

Did you honestly think I wouldn't love it?

I have surprisingly few issues with this expansion, most of which in regards to the gameplay overhaul which I already went into in my 5.0 review. The only other thing that struck me was that Jim Cummings did the Pandaren narration as opposed to Earl Boen and while I love Jim's work, Earl is the voice of WoW for me.

Aside from that, everything is spectacular. The Pandaren are spectacular. Monks are spectacular (I've been waiting for the class for a long time). Pandaria itself is beautiful, and I love the more story-centered gameplay.

I haven't gotten more than halfway through the first zone with my mains, but it's so interesting how the stories meld together. While the Alliance is there for a rescue mission and the Horde is there because Garrosh is a dick, when you get there the stories strangely mirror one another: Whatever side you're on, the other side is committing atrocities that you must stop. It's an interesting narrative that makes you feel like the hero on whatever side you're on, but playing both sides only drives home the point that there are few heroes left on either faction.

While Cataclysm will always take a favorite spot in my heart, Mists is probably quality-wise the best expansion yet. Haters, please use the left-hand evacuation procedure.

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