Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkins Scream In The Dead Of Night...On Mustafar

Halloween has for a long time been my favorite holiday. An excuse to dress up, whether or not I go anywhere, and play a part, regardless if I've got any acting work.

I had a dilemma this year where, up until the last minute, I had no idea what I was going to be...

Seriously. I didn't have any money for any new outfits, and anything I could cobble together at home required too much time in the makeup chair. I was lost.

Luckily, I married a wonderful woman. One of my wife's co-workers had a boyfriend who had, in my wife's words, "A Jedi Outfit." So I figured "Cool. I guess I'll just be a generic Jedi."

So about a week before Halloween, she brought the costume home so I could try it on. She was wrong, it wasn't a Jedi outfit...

It was Anakin Mother$&%!ing SKYWALKER'S Jedi outfit!

This made me excited about my costume again, although I did have some other issues...

First of all, it was Padawan Anakin's outift, which is the same as Jedi Knight Anakin except for one crucial detail: the glove covering the mechanical hand. I couldn't fond one that would ship in time, so I got one of my Darth Vader gloves and hid it underneath the cloak.

Another issue I had was I didn't have Anakin's Lightsaber. In fact, the closes thing to a blue lightsaber I had was a "create-your-own" one that came with a blue filter, which essentially made the white light aqua.

However, since I couldn't find a decent Anakin/Luke saber for under $100, I had to make due...

My wife drew the scar and fixed my hair (I had originally styled my hair on footage of Hayden with longer hair during Sith pre-production, but unfortunatley forgot that mirrors show a mirror image and parted my hair on the wrong side).

It was one of the coolest costumes I've ever worn, even though all we did was visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo Pumpkin Spectacular. My wife and I already agreed that if we have a boy and a girl, we're all going as the Skywalkers one year, so this probably won't be the last time I don the robes...


  1. Badass! Have you ever thought of taking these cosplays to conventions?

    1. Every year I consider conventions, and every year I'm turned off by the price and the atmosphere.

    2. Every year I consider conventions, and every year I'm turned off by the price and the atmosphere.

    3. Do you mean the crowds or the crazy people from certain fandoms?