Monday, November 26, 2012

Clone Wars 5.09: A Necessary Bond

What's Hondo doing with Fett's ship?

Spoilers ahead

Ahsoka and the younglings get recaptured by Hondo's men just as General Grievous storms in to take the planet. Jedi and pirate must put aside their differences to escape from the droid army.

This was a rather exciting episode, though the opening chase nearly made last episode's escape moot. The younglings have less to do individually, but they still shine. Hondo is great as ever and may have *gasp* some semblance of a conscience?!? Huyang, his head reattached, seems to merely serve as a poor man's C-3PO in this episode, but the character is still an interesting once.

As much as the Battle Droids still act in a manner that makes me question how they can be effective at anything, Grievous shines here. Even though Ahsoka's fate will not be known until the series finale, her duel with Grievous made me fear for her life. Fear was always Grievous' chief weapon.

Aside from all this and the Yoda Backstory Tease (ha ha, George, we get it, Yoda is a mystery), there's not a whole lot for me to say about this episode in particular. The little Three Musketeers ending suggest that it's the end to this arc, which means it's time for...

Younglings Post-Mortem

No, they're still alive for now. You know what I mean. Anyway...

These are so far my favorite episodes of the season. That being said, the Hondo Ohnaka stuff seemed like a different thread from the first episode. Not that I minded the pirate stuff, but I would have liked to see an entire arc of what we got in "The Gathering": a slice of Jedi training life. The second part could have been a follow-up for later. But, then again, we wouldn't have Hondo's excuse for attacking the Jedi in the first place (the crystals), so he would've been harder to work in.

I also have to repeat and revise my initial nitpick that I mentioned in "The Gathering": I would have liked to see some color variety in the crystals. Yes, in the other episodes we find out a few of them were green, but in the first episode every single one looked blue. I know George has said that good guys have either blue or green, but he let Sam Jackson have purple and yellow is an accepted (though rare) Jedi saber color. Again, though, it's just a nitpick and doesn't take too much away.

I'd love to see Ganodi, Gungi, Zatt, and Byph again in the future (I still don't care much for Petro or Katooni, though in Katooni's case she struck an odd friendship with Hondo in this last episode that I wouldn't mind seeing explored). I also wouldn't mind seeing the Dug ringleader from "Bound for Rescue" return either. Mostly, though, I look forward to what the Clone Wars crew has in store for us next week.

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  1. Ahsoka's fight with Grievous was pretty intense. I have to say that they were more evenly matched than when they had fought in Season 1, in which it was more of a Cat and Mouse thing. I think the next episode is going to be Secret Weapons, in which R2D2 and a group of R2 units go with A Clone Commando on some type of mission.