Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WW: Old Republic Free To Play

Well, it's official. The Old Republic goes Free-to-Play this week.

And...I'm not going back just yet.

I don't mind putting some of my characters on the back burner, but no way I'm not playing my main character, a Sith Inquisitor named Binx.

Now, in order to sell their greatest strength, the story, they did not put level caps on the Free-To-Play accounts. What they did do was limit species. Human, Zabrak, and Cyborg.

Binx is Twi'lek.

I hate humans. My Zabrak Jedi Knight Simara is my co-main, so that wouldn't be too bad. I do have a Cyborg 2nd-tier (but she's a Bounty Hunter and if I could only choose one or two, I would prefer Force-Users).

I'll do more research, but it looks like I'm going to be wishing for those timecards after all.

UPDATE 11/16: So I logged in to check and I found that they would let me play Binx even as a Twi'Lek. I guess since she's my highest-level character she was grandfathered it, though if I ever wanted to make another Twi'Lek I'm sure I'd have to go through Subscription or Cartel Coins.

Oh yeah, I'm pissed I don't get Cartel Coins from all I've given them since launch, just because I couldn't re-subscribe in the month before the change. Plus, apparently my server was merged with another and I had to rename half my characters. Binx becoming Rajbinx wasn't so bad. The rest however...ugh. I might even restart my Consuler as a new race if I can ever scrape the coins enough to buy my slots back.

On the upside, if I do get some Cartel Coins, I can pretty much buy most of my conveniences back, plus Cathaur whenever they come out. So, for now, I'm sticking with the Old Republic, just not very often.

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