Monday, December 3, 2012

Clone Wars 5.10: Secret Weapons

Oh dear god, a pit droid...

Spoilers to follow

A small band of astromechs including R2-D2 are tapped to conduct a secret mission to steal a Separatist communications chip from a dreadnought.

So, the above line was my first thought upon seeing our protagonist for this episode: a pit droid pilot named WAC-47. This feeling compounded as it became obvious he was being set up as the screw-up, feeling more like he walked off a Loony Tunes set. Yes, I think it's fair to say that I liked him from the get-go. I also like that as much as he was set up as the wrench in the gears, he handled himself quite admirably. I'll admit I was suspicious of him since he seemed to come out of nowhere and he had what I thought was the Death Star painted on his head. But then I realized it was actually a Poké Ball, which alleviated my suspicions (though only deepened the mystery).

The little alien field commander, however, seemed very out of place. Just desing-wise, he looked more like a Men in Black alien than a Star Wars alien. I'll admit it put me off, despite how much the character itself worked in context.

The droid mechanic and Q equivalent in this little story is a mushroom-alien like one of the bounty hunters seen in last season's "The Box" (one of the first Clone Wars episodes I ever saw), but he gives off this really creepy Dwight Frye/Marathon Man vibe, especially when talking about removing one of the astromech's memory banks in order to build a command center for our little Arquillian.

I was happy that the group seemed to dismantle the underwhelming droid commander from the Onderon arc, though the credits seem to suggest that it's a different individual with the same model.

This is a very weird and silly episode, and I wish there were more like it, even though this particular one wasn't my particular favorite.

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