Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Announcements

Well, since my schedule test worked, I can tell you about a number of things I'm planning for the holiday season, especially now that I can write when I have the time and set it to post later.

First off, I'm going to try ("try" being the operative word) To let you folks in on my Hanukkah haul, such as it may or may not be. Because I like sharing things like that and I want to try out my new cameraphone on these things. It'll be the day after each of the eight crazy nights, hopefully, so...there you go.

But now the big thing. The thing I need the schedule tool to make sure I do on time. Again, it's very self-indulgent, but I'm actually going to try once and for all to quantify my favorite things with my Twelve Days of Listmas! For twelve days in  mid-December, I will be bringing you a different set of lists where I actually have to sit down and commit to ordering my favorite things. It should be interesting.

For the most part it will be Top 11 lists. Why? Well, because I'm a fan of the Nostalgia Critic who is also apparently a fan of Spinal Tap. But that's not the real reason. I actually like the concept since it allows for a top ten and one honorable mention. However, certain things may be Top 5s, Top Insert-How-Many-Of-A-Certain-Thing-It-Is, and my big lists at the end of the run will be Top 20s.

Why am I doing this? To share with my readers (all five of you), but also because I've always used the old hand-wave "there are too many to list." Well, I'm actually going to do it. Bear with me.

The schedule will go something like this:

1. December 14th: A series of miscellaneous lists that didn't have a place within the others, but are still important to me.
2. December 15th: A series of lists related to Superheroes and Comic Books
3. December 16th: A series of lists related to World of Warcraft
4. December 17th: A series of lists related to Pokémon
5. December 18th: A series of lists related to Disney
6. December 19th: A series of lists related to Harry Potter
7. December 20th: A series of lists related to Star Wars
8. December 21st: A series of lists related to Music
9. December 22nd: Top 11 Favorite Books of All Time.
10. December 23rd: Top 20 List of Favorite Video Games of All Time
11. December 24th: Top 20 List of Favorite TV Shows of All Time
12. December 25th: The big one. My huge list of my Top 20 Favorite Movies of ALL TIME! Expect a lot of ties and cheating...

For the most part, I'm simply going to list and not really delve too much into why they're there. The exception will be on day 12 (the big Movie list) since I have to wrestle with myself over what to put there far more than with the others.

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