Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Star Wars Safe Havens

If you are a Star Wars fan looking for a safe-haven from the bashers, this is a place to be. However, I felt that I must once again plug some links, some of which are new, and some I've been plugging since this blog started.

If you didn't find me through The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society, then that should be your first stop (and please, inject some life into their floundering forum). After that, look at our shared links of A Certain Point of View and The Star Wars Heresies for intelligent discourse, and The Phantom Menace: The Holiday if you're looking for a little fun.

For further fair analysis, head over to Lard Biscuit. Although I disagree with his views on the theatrical releases in IV-VI, he's always been very positive of Episodes I-III and his dissertation on Clones actually helped me appreciate that film more, believe it or not.

Finally, if you want to read a review of Star Wars from the eyes of its intended audience, read Film Nerd 2.0's six-part series where his kids watch the saga for the first time (through the then-newly-released Blu-Rays). Before the announcement of VII-IX makes it odd, I actually found his order the best for first-time viewers to keep certain things secret and give others their full weight:
1. A New Hope
2. The Empire Strikes Back
3. The Phantom Menace
4. Attack of the Clones
5. Revenge of the Sith
6. Return of the Jedi
Reading these, you actually feel like a kid again watching these for the first time. It's sensational.

May the Force be With You!


  1. I think Film Nerd's 2.0 children had one of the best SW experiences ever.
    First they get to know and love Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan in The Clone Wars. Then they learn in Ep. IV that a certain Darth Vader has killed Anakin. Imagine their shock in Ep. V. Did Obi-Wan lie or not? And if he did, why did Anakin become a Sith?
    The flashback to Ep. I, II and III may anwer this... They are surprised that the "nice old man" is in reality Darth Sidious and shocked that Anakin really turns to the Dark Side.
    Ep. VI starts, and they do not know how it will end. Will Luke follow his father? Everything seems possible now...

  2. Yes, you plugged the Film Nerd links! I think that with all that was said and written about the entire Saga as a whole, the review series of having his kids be the framing device (acting in the same role that R2-D2 and C-3PO do for Star Wars) make them a really enjoyable read.

    Also, didn't realize that the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society had a forum, I will need to check that out. Thanks again for all that you do! I hope to have more great discussions in the future!

    1. Yeah, that's the problem. Nobody seems to realize that forum is there.

      Well, thank you for reading! And for giving me the links (every time I read them they get harder to find).

    2. Yeah, the Film Nerd site really should create an index for the Star Wars reviews just so they can be read in the right order. I found the reviews when read in chronological order make for a powerful narrative.

      Actually, I tried poking around on the SWPAS site and I couldn't seem to find the link to the forums on there at all? The only way I could pull them up is through the link on your post. Is that deliberate am I missing something?

    3. There should be a link in their blogroll that says "SWPAS Forum". It'll then say something along the lines of "update your bookmarks to [link]", so click that and you should be fine.

    4. Ah, I see it now. You're not kidding about the forum activity there either...

    5. I keep trying, I do (I'm Collor Sondra).

  3. Oh yeah, I just ran across another film review defending the prequels. It's a 2-parter: Part 1 and Part 2.

    1. I remember reading that one a while ago. It's a good start, and hits on some good points, but it's too apologetic.

      And I have said the kind of things Anakin said to Padme, and she's still my wife.

    2. My wife is still my wife, not Padme. :-p