Monday, December 3, 2012

MM: Skylanders Console Thoughts

So after getting into the swing of the console version of Skylanders Giants, I decided that while my main figure rankings will still apply solely to the 3DS version(s), I will share with any other Portal Masters my thoughts on upgrade paths. What follows are the paths I chose so far and why, as well as a promise that all future Skylanders rankings will include these little blurbs. Note that this isn't a full list of figures I have because I haven't been able to upgrade them all yet, but I can give you a decent list.

Dark Spyro: Sheep Burner
Call it my inner-Mage, but the fireballs were always my go-to abilities.

Drobot: Master Blaster
This was a tough choice, but I decided to go with the frickin' laser beams because Quadratic Lasers seemed infinitely more useful.

Warnado: Eye of the Storm
Mini-Warnados, full stop.

Dino-Rang: Grand Boomerang Master
I never use the stone traps. The character is built around boomerangs, so this seemed like a no-brainer.

Camo: Melon Master
The watermelons are without a doubt not only the funniest moves in the game but also the most deadly.

Hex: Bone Crafter
This was another touch choice, since I use her orb attacks more. However, since the fact remains that she's a delicate petite flower, the bone shield increases her survivability and was therefore the more useful option.

Zap: Tesla Dragon

Sunburn: Blaze Dragon
Anytime I can hold a button as opposed to mashing it is okay in my book. The teleportation is a little to finicky for me, anyway.

Terrafin: Sandhog
He's a shark. It was appropriate. 'Nuff said.

Cynder: Nether Welder

Tree Rex: Lumbering Laserer
Simply rule of cool. I see that little knob on his hand light up every time he's on the portal and it needed some use. Plus, I only ever really used the charge attack for a speed boost anyway.

Jet-Vac: Vac-Packeteer
This was a last-minute decision switch. I had been leaning towards the other path, but I tried to level him up in an arena and the suction move proved far superior. Plus, anything that enhances flight is a must in my book.

I'll give you the rest as I take them through their paces, and any new characters will have both the 3DS grades (Giants characters will have to wait until I can find a used copy of just the game without extra crap, so a long long time) and the upgrade paths.

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