Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Twelve Days of Listmas Day 5: Disney!

Time to go to the happiest place on Earth and tell you what I like best about the Disney Animated Canon!

(Note that I'm only counting the traditionally animated films here. No live-action movies. No technically canon CG films like Tangled or Chicken Little. No Pixar. No Touchstone. Not that I don't love all those movies, but cell animation is where it's at).

Top 11 Disney Villains
11. Percival C. McLeach
10. Jafar
9. Dr. Facilier
8. Gaston
7. Ursula
6. Yzma
5. Professor Ratigan
4. Hades
3. Kaa
2. Scar
1. Judge Claude Frollo

Top 11 Disney Heroes
11. Robin Hood
10. Mulan
9. Winnie the Pooh
8. Ariel
7. Alice
6. Belle
5. Milo Thatch
4. Basil of Baker St.
3. Kuzco
2. Quasimodo
1. The Beast

Top 11 Disney Supporting Characters
11. Archemedes
10. Pain and Panic
9. Mushu
8. Bagheera
7. Iago
6. Clopin
5. Kronk
4. The Cheshire Cat
3. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed
2. Tigger
1. The Genie

Top 11 Disney Villain Songs
11. "We Are Siamese"
10. "An Actor's Life for Me"
9. "Mad Madame Mim"
8. "Mine Mine Mine"
7. "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind"
6. "Trust in Me"
5. "Gaston"
4. "Friends on the Other Side"
3. "Poor Unfortunate Souls"
2. "Be Prepared"
1. "Hellfire"

Top 11 Other Songs
11. "Perfect World"
10. Topsy Turvy"
9. "Belle"
8. "Winnie the Pooh"
7. "Part of your World"
6. "I Wanna Be Like You"
5. "Why Should I Worry?"
4. "Out There"
3. "I Won't Say I'm In Love"
2. "Friend Like Me"
1. "Bells of Notre Dame"

Top 11 Disney Animated Canon Films
11. The Princess and the Frog
10. The Lion King
9. The Jungle Book
8. Hercules
7. Fantasia
6. Aladdin
5. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
4. The Great Mouse Detective
3. The Emperor's New Groove
2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1. Beauty and the Beast


  1. Only two films from when Disney was alive? Huh, interesting.

    1. There's more if I extend it to 20.

      And it's really three. Walt worked on JB, Pooh, and Fantasia.

    2. True, but Pooh was released 11 years after his death and is firmly situated in the "Dark Age" of Disney animations, so it's not exactly 'released when Disney was alive'.

    3. The first short was released in 66 (the movie is just the three shorts with new transitions and an ending), so even though Walt didn't see it he was very much invested in it.