Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Crazy Crazy Week

Let me share with you how crazy my week has been.

I lose my wedding ring right before we're about to see "The Hobbit." Again, I lose a ring, prior to a viewing of "The Hobbit" of all things.

I make a mad scramble to finish off my Twelve Days of Listmas so they'll all be ready and I can not worry about them next week. I have a great idea for Jedi News and promptly forget about it.

I see "The Hobbit" again, this time in 2-D and with my mother, and my wife finds my wedding ring in her purse. Again, I find a ring during a viewing of "The Hobbit" of all things. After losing it, on the day I saw "The Hobbit" of all things. Too. Damn. Freaky. Also, I pick up a couple of new Skylanders with a coupon.

I think up another great idea for Jedi News and send it in at the last minute, only afterwards remembering the first great idea I had.

Tried and failed to finish next week's Jedi News article early and finish a few more early blog posts before my wife comes home. We go ice skating, something we've been talking about doing since we met, only to realize that she's out of practice and I just plain suck at it. Still, it was a fun night if exhausting. My wife is telling me she has a feeling something is going to happen the next day. I wave it off since the whole Myan Calendar thing was just as overblown as 2010 and Y2K and about a million things before it.

At 6:00 in the morning, we find out that my sister-in-law went into labor only a few hours before. Naturally, my plans for getting more writing done and possibly doing some WoW Winter's Veil content was shot, so I prepare for a long day waiting at the hospital. Not an hour and a half later, with me at home waiting for my wife to smooth things over at work, I get a call: It's a boy. Flabbergasted at the speed, we got a quick gift (and a quick lunch) before arriving at the hospital to meet our new nephew (his pictures are already plastered on Facebook, so I'm going to respect his privacy here, thanks). He's tiny and fussy and looks like a little old man, and my wife and I can't wait to spoil him.

With Carissa spending more time with her sister and our nephew, I'm home alone trying to catch up on the writing (and, hopefully, WoWing) I didn't get to do yesterday. was YOUR week?


  1. My week has been fine for the most part. I got to see many of the interesting behind the scenes documentaries of Episodes I-III I hadn't seen in a long time. I also helped my dad in farm issues, helping him organize the workers, looking at some new born calves, and working on my SIS project in order to graduate from High School. So yeah, even though I'm supposed to be off for vacations, I've been busy.

    1. I was being rhetorical, but...awesome.